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Why choose custom window treatments over ready-made ones?

While ready-made window treatments may seem convenient, they can't compare to custom window treatments in terms of quality. Opting for custom window treatments allows you to have better fabrics and linings, which are placed and matched with greater precision than pre-made ones. You have complete control over your custom window treatments, so you can ensure they match your home's style perfectly.

If I'm constructing a new home, when should I contact a designer or drapery maker?

It's best to involve your drapery designer during the blueprint stages of construction because knowing your design options and their corresponding costs can be guide your decision making. If you're building a new home, we recommend contacting Annetti's Custom Window Treatments LLC as soon as possible.

What should I consider before purchasing fabric?

When you're buying fabric, consider its weight, cost, and how much you plan on buying in yards. Always buy a little bit of extra fabric, just in case. You should also consider the pattern of the fabric - large motifs aren't well suited for small window treatments. Finally, if you're purchasing clearance fabric, make sure to inspect the surface for flaws.

How should I care for my window treatments?

With proper care, most custom window treatments should last quite a long time. At Annetti's Custom Window Treatments LLC in Chalfont PA, we recommend gentle spot cleaning and vacuuming on a regular basis, and dry cleaning occasionally, if it's deemed necessary.

What are some ways to create window illusions?

Our team has a few tips for creating window illusions that we're happy to share. You can use pleated sheers and valances to soften undesirable views and to create the illusion of a larger window. Rectangular windows can be dressed up by adding arched treatments around the windows themselves and crown molding to the cornices.